AMS Team BEAST - Robotics | Robotics Hall of Shame

AMS Team BEAST - Robotics | Robotics Hall of Shame

A gallery of robots that broke the laws of robotics

By Nehal Patel

  • 1984


    Terminator was a robot assassin sent back in time to 1984 to kill a person.

  • 2000


    Amee was a robot with a very suspicious acronym: Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion. All it was programmed to do was to map the "Red Planet". When its crew saw that it was damaged they tried to take the power cell out of it, it thought that the members of the crew were hostile. So it tried to kill the crew.

  • 2001


    HAL 9000 was a good robot who went rogue in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. He fabricates the failure of the AE-35 unit so that their deaths would appear accidental.

  • 2007


    R Bot 001 was a police robot deployed in Russia. It is in the hall of shame, because it short-circuited in a few hours of deployment.

  • 2007


    GLaDOS is the controller of the the lab in Portal. She kidnapped humans and used them to test mostly meaningless tests.

  • 2008


    Auto was the autopilot robot on the Axiom in the movie WALL-E. He isolated the people on board from their past on Earth.

  • 2010


    The Decepitcons are the bad robots in the movie Transformers.